Workplace Homeostasis


As an employer you have to carefully balance on a daily basis many priorities. You have to develop the ability to successfully carry out your business activities and be profitable, being accountable to yourself and or your shareholders while at the same time manage and motivate your employees to accomplish the tasks at hand, while being aware of their needs in order to get a cohesive workplace that will create synergy and a positive work environment in order to accomplish the tasks and overall mission of your company. With the recent pandemic of the COVID-19 Virus, many businesses were forced to cease operation temporarily, while many continued to have employees work from home and while some organizations experienced no change in daily routine only any increased demand for their product or service. Regardless of which of those categories your business or organization falls into one thing is certain. IT AFFECTED YOUR EMPLOYEES.

They will have experienced trauma as a result of these past weeks and it will affect them physically, mentally and emotionally. When everything has subsided and it is time to bring your employees back to work, they will not be in the same state of mind as they were before your normal practice of business was changed. There is a certain amount of trauma that they endured during this period that needs to be processed in order for them to return to a normal functioning, productive employee. Failure to recognize this could result in ; poor performance and productivity, lack of group cohesion and inability to work as a team, inability to perform to level required resulting in your need to terminate and replace them and the inability to balance stress in the workplace resulting in them leaving their jobs.

The cost of decreased productivity or the cost of employee attrition is not something any business can sustain after weathering this economic and international health storm. Employers need to have a strategy to address the needs of their employees and get them back in the most productive state so that the business or organization can carry on from where they left off.

This is where A.W.H.© - Achieving Workplace Homeostasis© training comes into play. This training is designed for Business Owners, Human Resources Personnel, Front Line Supervisors and Peer Support Staff. It teaches and certifies them in a protocol to enact and facilitate when the pandemic is over and it provides an opportunity for your employees to address and release much of the trauma and stress they would have accumulated during the crisis. Many employees would have experienced both physiological and psychological symptoms during this time not truly understanding the cause and thinking they are the only one’s experiencing it.

The facilitator will educate them on how the body deals with stress and what normal reactions of the body are. It also gives employees in a group dynamic the opportunity to see they were not the only ones experiencing this, which will be of great relief to them. It will teach them why they reactions happened and how to combat them and control them all pointing to an overall goal of establishing a feeling of normalcy within each employee. Performing this in a group dynamic will not only alleviate trauma and stress of your employees, but will also promote group cohesion which will be necessary when employees resume normal duties and functions and begin to catch up on work and tasks that have been dormant for some time.

The key to your organization’s ability to not just survive but thrive in this situation will be your ability to address the trauma your employees have experienced, mitigate it and create a positive group dynamic.

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